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Earthquake Entertainment

Earthquake Entertainment
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Contact: 407-299-2672
I am a soul owner of my company. I specialize in weddings. I do professional voice-overs for many companies in a local studio during the week and DJ on the weekend. Wedding are so much fun and I enjoy giving people the time of their live. I do not up-stage the wedding party. It is not about me its your day.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will you be the DJ at my wedding?: Yes I only do this for myself so you will not have a stranger dealing with you

Do you offer a written contract?: Yes, everyone should.

Can we meet before signing contract?: Yes, I require that so you can meet me and see what my ideas are and how they can work for you.

How long have you been a wedding DJ?: I have been professional for 20 years in weddings, radio, private parties and announcer for the USMC Silent Drill Platoon.

How many weddings do you do each year?: Last year I DJ 46 weddings and 3 Company parties.

What separates you from your competitors?: Without telling all my secrets in general I keep the flow of the events going without changing the wishes and expectations that we had established in our meetings prior to the event.

Do you MC and handle all anouncements?: Yes, that is a trademark of mine. How many people have a DJ with a voice like mine. I am very unique and professional voice you have heard in many commercials, movie trailers, and much more. Your intros will be like no other you have ever seen without compromising the class and respect your event deserves.

How do you motivate guests to dance if no one is dancing?: I am very unique on how I get people on the dance floor. I can not give my secrets out but again it is classy and unique and has never failed.

What happens if you cannot make it to the wedding?: I have never missed and event but if in the event an emergency did pop up (like i was dead) you will be given and emergency number of a person whom has been briefed of your event and is has been screened by me. As you know when you do something for so long you are very critical of the people whom do what you do. The only people to back me up have to impress me.

Can we watch you perform before booking?: I do not feel that is not my time to be doing sales at any ones event. Again it is not about me that day and out of respect for the customers I do not invite future clients to come and watch me at an event. I feel this is disrespectful to the client and this would never happen to you. I have nothing to hide but my clients are treated with respect and class all the time.

Can we call your references?: Yes, I have many and will be given upon request.

How much involvement can we have in music selection?: 100% I have know what will get people going and that will be discussed but what more important is you. You will have 100% involvement in the music.

Can we request music on your website?: You will do that in our final meeting

Do you take requests the night of the wedding?: Absolutely if you want.

When do you arrive to begin setup/preparation?: 3 hrs. prior if the venue allows

What type of clothing do you typically wear to weddings?: You decide. I have tux, suits, or anything themed if you desire. It's your night!!

What do you require to secure the date (contract/deposit)?: I require a deposit of $200 and signed contract to lock in the date.

Do you charge for overtime? If so, how much?: Yes there is a charge for overtime. I charge $100 per hour venue permitting.

Do you require a meal?: No but if one is not provided I would need to know so I can make accommodations.

Are you insured? If so, how much liability coverage?: Yes, $250000

Do you take breaks?: No, I don't even sit down unless I am eating.

Do you drink alcohol or smoke during the wedding?: No

What kind of equipment do you use?: EV, Bose, QSC, Rane, NuMark, and much more than I could list in this.

Do you have backup equipment?: Yes and it is a complete system that is with me all the time.

Do you bring a wireless microphone?: Yes, all wireless Ev re2 system.

Do you have lighting? If so, what kind?: Yes, Led systems

Do you advertise with a sign or banner during weddings?: No, I am not at your event to sell. I will hand out cards upon request and that is as far as it goes.

What is your cancellation policy?: 30 or more days prior to the event customer is refunded $100.00 of the $200.00 deposit. 29 days or less there is no refund of the deposit but customer will receive a $200.00 credit to a future event.

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