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A Fine Affair DJ

A Fine Affair DJ
Category: Wedding DJs
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Contact: (407) 545-2080
Address: 424 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
Website: http://www.afineaffairdj.com | Report Broken URL
- Exceptional DJs for Extraordinary Events -

A Fine Affair is a distinctive DJ service expressly designed to create unique, memorable weddings and events. We know that you want the entertainment at your party to be every bit as tasteful and carefully thought out as the rest of your event. A Fine Affair disc jockeys know exactly how to keep your guests entertained and show everyone a wonderful time without sacrificing an elegant atmosphere. We provide an incomparable amount of personal attention to each client, working with you throughout the planning process to ensure that your big day is special, unique, and fun!
Frequently Asked Questions
Will you be the DJ at my wedding?: Yes

Do you offer a written contract?: A Fine Affair DJ requires a written contract for every event.

Can we meet before signing contract?: We recommend sitting down with any wedding professional (including us) before booking.

How long have you been a wedding DJ?: A Fine Affair DJ opened in early 2008 and has done hundreds of unique weddings and events since. We keep very busy and current.

How many weddings do you do each year?: 100+

What separates you from your competitors?: A Fine Affair DJ truly specializes in weddings. We are polished and professional. The bride and groom are the stars of the show - not the DJ. A Fine Affair DJ utilizes the latest technologies to produce clear, powerful sound and an impressive, fun light show without the eye-sore of a large truss. Also, this is your wedding - not our advertising opportunity, so we will not hang any vinyl banners.

Do you MC and handle all anouncements?: Yes - during the consultation, we will work with you to plan a smooth, unique, and fun night. This starts with the perfect timeline and announcements to complement.

How do you motivate guests to dance if no one is dancing?: It's really on a case by case basis. We are not the DJ who will drag grandma out of her chair and try to force her to do the Macarena. We have a number of tools that may be implemented, but this very rarely happens if the music selection is right and event planning lends itself to dancing.

What happens if you cannot make it to the wedding?: A Fine Affair DJ always has an on-call DJ ready to head out if there is an absolute emergency.

Can we watch you perform before booking?: Yes

Can we call your references?: Yes

How much involvement can we have in music selection?: You can have as much or as little involvement as you would like. You can specify every single song we play, you can give us the genres you want with no particular songs, or you can give us a hand full of specific songs and we can go from there.

Can we request music on your website?: Yes

Do you take requests the night of the wedding?: Yes

When do you arrive to begin setup/preparation?: We set up 2 hours prior to our start time, unless otherwise planned.

What type of clothing do you typically wear to weddings?: We wear a dark suite and a tie.

What do you require to secure the date (contract/deposit)?: We require a signed contract and a 25% deposit.

Do you charge for overtime? If so, how much?: We currently charge $100/hr for overtime, but our packages come with more time than a lot of our competition.

Do you require a meal?: We are generally the first ones on site to set up and the last ones to be ready to go at the end of the night, so we do need to eat. We appreciate being provided with a meal, but we can pack a meal if needed.

Are you insured? If so, how much liability coverage?: Yes, A Fine Affair DJ carries a $1,000,000 policy.

Do you take breaks?: No, we do not take breaks.

Do you drink alcohol or smoke during the wedding?: A Fine Affair DJ never drinks alcohol or smokes during the wedding.

What kind of equipment do you use?: A Fine Affair uses professional sound equipment suitable for your venue and an LED light show.

Do you have backup equipment?: Yes

Do you bring a wireless microphone?: Yes

Do you have lighting? If so, what kind?: Yes, we generally use new LED color wash and patterned club lights. This can be tweaked depending on your preferences.

Do you advertise with a sign or banner during weddings?: No!

What is your cancellation policy?: It is in our contract and conforms to industry standards.

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